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National Insurance Awareness Day Shrouded in Mystery

Posted on Jun 28, 2010

According to several Internet sources, June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day. Aside from a couple blog entries making reference to this notable industry date (which is also shared by Paul Bunyan Day), there does not seem to be any person or entity claiming the creative rights to the not-quite-Hallmark holiday.

A simple Google search brings back confirmation of June 28th as National Insurance Day, but the closest explanation from states generically, “…you can be certain that insurance companies had a little something to do with the origination of this day.”

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a California health insurance agent’s tongue-in-cheek (I think) explanation of how his office celebrates National Insurance Day, which involves lighting a candle and some other celebratory activities. In their own words, “In fact, an exotic dancer is sometimes hired to heighten the festivities, but the dance performed, the ‘Insurance Dance,’ is very protective in nature. Just watching it performed gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over.”

Aside from these two posts and a few press releases looking to capitalize on the date, there’s virtually nothing that would make National Insurance Day noteworthy to anyone…until now.

Firstly, anyone who has more information about the origins of National Insurance Awareness Day, please chime in the comments section. Whether you’re an insurance marketing person staking claim to its invention or just an agency that’s celebrated in the past, we’d love to know what ritualistic activities make this day special?

For planning purposes, here are some suggestions to build on for future National Insurance Awareness Day celebrations.

  • Offer to shred commercial partner papers and recycle for free in your office
  • Sponsor a safe driving course
  • Set up a wrecked car outside the agency with a sign, “Are you insured?”
  • Get a pizza place to hand out your business card w/ every slice they deliver and offer to promote them for it
  • Host an Insurance Awareness Day line dance
  • Shoot a humorous video showing how insurance is often overlooked
  • Have an agency rounding off contest – whoever adds the most policies, gets a paid day off
  • Support a local non-profit that you are passionate about and encourage locals to match
  • Dress like an insurance agent day – play up the stereotype, the less stylish the better
  • Deliver baked goods or branded schwag  to VIP commercial insurance partners around town
  • Host an insurance agency Olympics competition
  • Publicly re-enact the some of the oddest insurance claims your agency has ever received
  • Donate employees for a “Bring your agent to work day.”
  • Do a publicity stunt with a partner or town (fire drill) to draw awareness to insurance
  • Bake an Insurance Awareness Day cake
  • Give away  “Home/Auto Insurance for a year” to the person who can share the most inspiring insurance story
  • Have an insurance awareness scavenger hunt
  • Send out a humorous email blast notifying people of the date
  • Spend the entire day volunteering to call attention to the fact that insurance agents don’t just sell
  • Cover yourself in dollar bills & business cards and carry a megaphone around town inviting people to grab you

With a little creativity and a keen grasp of your community, the ideas are really endless. While it’s a bit late for a throwdown in 2010, our calendars are marked and we look forward to making June 28, 2011 the Insurance Awareness Day that changed the industry…

Special thanks to @Carrie_AGIns and @AlysonDelPaggio for bringing the important date to our attention.


  1. Nick, I am blown away that by making one simple comment, you have written an entire post about this seemingly unknown holiday. Your suggestions are priceless. If you lived closer I’d hire you 🙂 Thanks for the shoutout as well.

    Us insurance folk should make every day an “Awareness Day”. You’re right, it’s getting the customer to buy in that’s important. As always, I enjoy reading your posts.


    • Carrie,

      Thanks for the kind words, inspiration comes from many places. I find it odd that no one has taken credit for creating this special day so I felt some additional awareness of awareness day was needed. Besides, it’s fun to let your mind run and get others involved in the idea generating process. Lists are always good for that.


  2. Thanks for this info. Do you know or have you heard of any other insurance-related, nationally-recognized holidays (i.e., National Fraud Awareness Day)?

    • Katrina,

      I sure there are others! Their are many awareness months that can be related to insurance as well. Will be sure to share if we come up with any. Thanks!


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