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Keep it Clean: An Editing Guide for Bloggers

Posted on Sep 30, 2011

Today, everything is fast. The days of waiting patiently for dial-up Internet connection are long gone and now, we simply expect to be able to obtain all of our information and share our thoughts with the world instantaneously. There is a caveat to all of this lightning-quick content, though. As information is loaded onto the Web at an increasingly quick pace, those who post it are not taking the time to ensure that what they write is high-quality content.

Even if your readers are unlikely to carefully read through everything you post, glaring spelling and grammatical errors can be a serious turnoff and diminish the credibility of you or the organization that you’re writing for. Now that regular Facebook posts are essentially a requirement for retail companies and blogging is one of the most popular insurance marketing strategies, it’s more important than ever that online writers represent their business in a positive way by ensuring that their posts are clean of any errors.

Here are some helpful tips on how people can edit their own work quickly and efficiently, before clicking “publish:”

  • Just because you write something at night doesn’t mean you have to post it immediately. Wait until the morning to edit it when your mind is sharp.
  • Although it may seem tedious, you might be surprised how many small edits you will find when you read through a piece of writing several times. Read your writing at least two times before posting – once for continuity and once for spelling and grammar.
  • Editing can be exhausting, so take time in between editing sessions to switch gears and work on something else like your company’s insurance website design.  Coming back to a blog post with a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference.
  • Whether you’re editing your own or someone else’s work, compiling a list of common mistakes that you find can help expedite the proofreading process in the future. Going over this quick list before posting can help ensure that the writer did not make one of his or her signature mistakes when he or she was writing while tired or in a rush.

You might not think you have time to implement an editing process, but it’s important not to underestimate the value of high-quality content. Although the Internet has somewhat generated its own language, modern readers need to be able to breeze through content without stumbling over awkward phrases or grammatical errors. Dedicating a few extra minutes to quality control can help ensure that your words are heard and that you’re message is not undermined by simple mistakes.


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