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PR On A Budget: Do It Yourself Tips for Small Business Owners

Posted on Nov 10, 2011

Everyone knows that good public relations is essential for any business, regardless of how large or small it may be. Public relations plays a role in how the public perceives your company, whether or not people find your business to be reputable and the level of expertise your employees are believed to possess. While big corporations may have an entire team of PR experts working on their behalf, smaller companies do not have to forgo some of the most effective PR and insurance marketing strategies just because they think that they do not have room in their budget.

Here are some of the low-cost, yet highly effective PR tips for small businesses:

  • Write articles on industry-related topics and submit them to online services like This will help establish your credibility as an expert and help drive traffic to your company’s website if you use back links within the article.
  • Submit press releases on new initiatives that your business has taken on, charities that you are involved with or simple current events that relate to your company.
  • Profile your company on Wikipedia so that when potential customers want to get more information on your company, they can find it on multiple sites.
  • Get active within your industry by attending trade shows. This can be a great opportunity for networking.
  • Use social media to help brand your company and reach out to other businesses and potential customers. Not only is it free, but it gives companies the chance to show their office culture and make their employees more relatable.

Good PR doesn’t require a fancy agency or lots of money. Whether you just want to get your company’s name out there or put your insurance marketing ideas into action, it’s all possible with a little dedication and with the power of the internet. Take some time today to think of creative ways to execute PR strategies for your small business and you may be surprised by the results!




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