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Pop Culture Lesson Part 1: Bring Movies to Life in Your Blog!

Posted on Feb 10, 2012

By Bianca Scartabello

The movies are not only for the big screen- they can be just as entertaining in your blog posts! It is not always easy coming up with topics to blog about, never mind an interesting topic. However, in order to benefit from your blogging, it is important to make sure the content that you write is interesting and worth sharing. If your post does not catch the public eye, then what is the point?

As a blogger, I have found that incorporating pop culture into your insurance marketing strategy and blogging efforts will always pay off. These posts seem to get the most traction and are shared the most often! Whether you choose to blog about a hit-single, a movie or television show, you are sure to be appealing to a much larger audience than if you are blogging about a policy.

To get started, here are 15 movies that you could be comparing to your policies in your next blog post:

  1. Horrible Bosses; Abusive bosses and harassment in the office? Looks like these companies could use a reliable business insurance policy!
  2. Home Alone; After Kevin pulls the appropriate maneuvers to save himself, the McCallister family better hope they are equipped with home insurance. Imagine if the burglars actually ended up winning?
  3. Ratatouille; Don’t get me wrong… I love Remy. However, rats in a restaurant? It may be time for some restaurant insurance.
  4. Cedar Rapids; Ah, an entire movie about the sheltered life of an insurance agent and his fellow agents. I’m sure you can find some way to tie this film into an interesting and humorous blog post.
  5. Transformers; Are you an Optimus Prime or Bumble Bee fan? Whichever your preference, it is clear that these AWESOME Autobots are in need of serious coverage.
  6. Along Came Polly; Reuben is a risk assessment expert. And you didn’t think risk management and assessment could be an interesting blog post…
  7. 50/50; For such a somber premise, 50/50 is an inspirational movie… not to mention funny! While many associate cancer with old age, this movie proves that life insurance is important for the young and old.
  8. The Hangover; Do you really think Stu was anticipating waking up and noticing his tooth was completely gone? Dental coverage is important for those unexpected accidents!
  9. 10 Things I Hate About You; We all remember Bogey Lowenstein’s infamous house party… and the brawl between two students that ended in a broken window. Let’s hope the Lowenstein’s have home insurance!
  10. The Incredibles; The infamous quote from Helen to her husband, Bob: “go save the world, one policy at a time.”
  11. Back to the Future; Any car that flies is in dire need of a reliable auto insurance policy.
  12. The Twilight Saga; Sure, Edward Cullen may not need life insurance but up until the final movie, the clumsy Bella Swan should have definitely been covered!
  13. 2012; Okay, I understand that it is just a movie but fiction or non-fiction, natural disasters will always be a part of our world. Flood and earthquake insurance policies are crucial in some states!
  14. Bride Wars; Wait, so Emma’s entire wedding is called off last minute? Let’s hope she had wedding insurance!
  15. Batman; With a ride like the Batmobile, how could you NOT have coverage?

There are millions of films out there; it’s time to choose one of your favorites and find a way to write about it! Insurance is not always the easiest topic to relate to pop culture, but these 15 ideas prove that it is not impossible.

Have a movie in mind? Let us know about it in the comment section! We would love to hear your creative ideas!

About the Author:

Bianca Scartabello is a Sr. Inbound Marketing Specialist at Astonish. Her long-time passion for writing and creativity has launched her into the world of digital marketing, with a focus on content curation. Alongside her love for cranking out content, Bianca enjoys baking, music, reading, fashion, comedy, and autumn.



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