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5 Ways Twitter Enhances Your Creativity When Thinking of Blog Topics

Posted on Mar 2, 2012

Are you thinking of creative ways to boost your insurance agencies internet marketing strategy? One word to live by- Twitter! Twitter is a popular social media site that allows you to build a community and is one of the best ways to get your brain stirring with creative blog topic ideas.

Twitter isn’t going to write a blog for you, but it will give you relevant and interesting ideas to start the brainstorming process.

The top 5 ways to get creative with Twitter:

  1. Read your feed- as a Twitter user the first place to start is see what things your community and the people you follow are talking about right now. Many times you can pull ideas right from the feed and then research more on the topic and how you can relate it to insurance and your agency.
  2. See what is trending- On the left hand side of your Twitter page you will see a place that says “Boston Trends.” You are able to change the location of what is trending in the closest city to you. You will see words and phrases that are being tweeted about across that region. This is a great way local stories can be intertwined and fun ideas can be inputted into your writing.
  3. #Discover – At the top of your Twitter page you will see the #discover button, when you click this, it will open another twitter page that gives you the top headlines being tweeted about across the country. This will be great to include and reference in your blog post as much of the headlines are relevant and interesting!
  4. Follow- Follow your clients, community activists, and people and places you are interested in the community. A lot of the time an idea for a blog post comes from the interesting activities that are happening within your community so make sure you are following the right people and places!
  5. Activity- This tag is located underneath the stories in the #Discover button. The activity will show what the people that you are following are doing on twitter. A lot of the time you can find new trends and people through this that will spark creative and new ideas to incorporate in your blogging.

When engaging your reader things you will want to remember when writing is, keep the information informative yet interesting and make sure your information is relevant for the times. Twitter keeps these things always in mind as is updated with information every second.

Along with these ways to gain ideas you will be able to pull relevant and credible links from twitter. People usually post information and then add a link. This is a great way to add informative outside sources to your blog post! Remember as an insurance agency you want to intrigue your audience so get creative! Reading your Twitter will keep you in the know while positively affect your blogging process.

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