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Allow Your Insurance Company to be Heard by Building Social Media Influence!

Posted on Mar 8, 2012

With so many different social media outlets to choose from these days, do you ever wonder how you can possibly reach your core audience? It is important to focus on the basic tools first, such as Facebook and Twitter, because this is where most of your customers will be having conversations. By understanding the interests of your audience and their needs, you can begin to build a strong social media influence.

The following are tips you can use in order to create and maintain your social authority:

  • Be Disciplined – Your motivation to communicate with your customers will show you are dedicated to serving them. In addition, the way you behave or are perceived by others is very important in building a strong social media influence.
  • Try to Gain Trust– Trust from your community is extremely important. If people don’t trust you and what you have to offer, then you will not have an authoritative social influence.
  • Be Consistent– Establishing yourself in your specific field, being insurance, will allow you to create a good social media influence. Also, staying true to your voice and the topics you want to discuss will allow others to see the value in your business.
  • Stretch Yourself for Excellence: Being determined to do more and reach excellence will challenge your company as well as inspire your customers. Showing you care and want to support the community will result in success and people becoming influenced by your work.
  • Be Natural– Never try to be someone you are not, both on and offline. Your audience will be able to see right through your fakeness. So instead, be natural by creating your own voice in order to express yourself fully. This will bring consistency to your platforms.
  • Promote Others – A true leader is a one whose followers try to replicate him/her. Therefore, becoming a great social influencer entails promoting others with all the experience you have gained over the years.

The main goal of insurance social networking involves interacting with your clients on a humane and honest level. Sharing your views, listening to what your customers have to say, and expanding your knowledge will help strengthen the conversations. In addition, remaining open to your community will make them feel comfortable so they can see the value in your social media influence!

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