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Blogging: Find Inspiration from the Seasons

Posted on Apr 6, 2012

Every writer gets writers block sometimes. With all the great content out there today, how can you find creative ways to stand out? Blogging is a great insurance marketing strategy on the Internet and, i’ll tell you, one of the best ways to think of a topic is finding inspiration from the season we are currently in. Whether it’s, winter, spring, fall, or summer, there are always great ways to spin an idea through that thought process.
Whether you read local newspapers, Internet blogs, or you find inspiration from your everyday life, thinking about the time we are in is important. Using the seasons as a starting point for your idea takes a timely and immediate approach to your writing.

Some ideas to get you started:

  1. Weather: The weather is always a timely bit of information during each season where you can cater to your location and what is going on during that time.
  2. Pop-Culture: There are always awards shows, television programs, events, etc that drown our worlds everyday take a humorous approach to your writing and add some pop culture!
  3. Local News: It is important to reach out to a wide variety of target audiences but with local news you draw in your home, and this will be relevant information to discuss with your readers.
  4. Style Ideas: Whether you target interior design, outdoor décor, or you’re the style that you wear throughout the seasons, this is a great way to be relevant and up to date during the season.
  5. Health topics: There is always national days where we are promoting an awareness about a health issue. Targeting these events and awareness opportunities will give you a wide range of topics to pull from.

Finding inspiration and topics to write about can be difficult, but put a little fun in your topics and you are more likely to be interested in what you are writing about. The change of seasons will give you a plethora of ideas to choose from.

Remember always write your ideas down as you think of them so you can use other topics in the future. All the topics above you will be able to relate in many ways to your readers and, it will give you a more timely approach to your writing which is very important.  So stop draining yourself by thinking too hard and take a seasonal approach to your writing today.


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