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Use Your Insurance Marketing Strategy to Improve Customer Satisfaction!

Posted on Apr 13, 2012

You deal with customers in the office all the time. Your insurance agency is the place where your community should feel safe and trust that your services will be personalized to their needs. So don’t you think this should happen within your social media and blogging initiatives? Show your clients you care about their interests, questions, and more by creating an effective space for conversation.

In today’s fast-paced business world, customer satisfaction is pretty much required, and you can strengthen it through a variety of channels, such as your Facebook page, Twitter account, onsite blog, and of course, in person. However, the digital outlets allow you to focus on your audience in a way you could never do before. Customer service is evolving to match customers’ expectations and you must relate to them in order to attract their business.

Your clients are continuing to be deeply engaged with digital tools, which is why your agency should too. They will remain loyal to your services because of your comprehensive products and the quality of service that brings them back. So improve customer satisfaction by understanding these three main categories:

  1. Quality Control: Developing and presenting your products in a unique way through a social or blogging outlet is critical to your business. But keep in mind, great service is not just about speed and accuracy, but also about personalization and understanding. Your customers trust your agency, so show them you understand their needs by keeping up the conversation.
  2. Relationships Among Staff and Customers: Promote Agent-Customer relationships. You can do this by having a staff member run your social media accounts, where they can answer questions, address concerns, or just create interesting conversations directly with your customers. By having this form of support, it will result in better service, faster resolution, and a happy community.
  3. Overall Customer Experience: At the end of the day, your clients are buying experiences, not products or services. They want to feel comfortable with your agency and trust that you can give them what they want to meet their unique needs. By utilizing social media and blogging initiatives, you can humanize your agency by giving it a voice all its own. Using this method will allow you to create experiences that will make customers feel good about the products you have to offer.

Understanding how strong customer relationships relate to the success of your agency is the key to customer satisfaction. Putting yourself in the clients’ shoes will give you a better grasp on evolving your insurance marketing strategy. Every interaction your community has with your company is an experience. Therefore, make it your responsibility to show them you care no matter what means of communication you use!

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