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An Update To Facebook Means An Update To Your Strategy

Posted on Mar 7, 2013

By Theresa Navarra

The use of social media is crucial to your digital marketing strategy. You want to intrigue and engage your client base and, since technology has made social media such a readily accessible piece of our daily lives, a key way to engage is through social media.

Your agency has likely turned to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest or LinkedIn to get your message across and engage web audiences. And since Facebook is a major part of the social media revolution, when Facebook makes changes… the world listens.

The Facebook Update

In order to progress and stay ahead of the social media game, Facebook works hard to tap into users’ unique needs and preferences. You already know that sharing photo or video content puts you at the top of the news feed and allows you to reach more viewers because Facebook has made it so, but now, Facebook wants to take that a step further.

Facebook plans to unleash a new addition to their news feed: more news feeds. In order to better tap into user interests, Facebook users will have more options when using the social network. Currently, one news feed streams updates from friends, pages and advertisements – from the music being listened to, the photos being shared and the articles being read. However, Facebook wants to change that.

Users will now have the option to have multiple feeds, including a photo feed, a video feed, a news feed or even music or offers.

With the changes, Facebook hopes to be able to use the newly free space to make photos larger and show more stories that are targeted to a specific user. This will help get rid of the current clutter in newsfeeds and in theory, users will spend more time actively engaged.

Keep your audience scrolling.

With the new changes to the newsfeed, Facebook hopes to keep users engaged for longer, scrolling through their “personal” newsfeeds and thus, more focused on the content shared. Are you prepared to adjust your strategy to be sure you are reaching your intended audience?

A change in engagement means you need to remember to…

  • Post relevant content – share things that your followers are interested in viewing.
  • Keep your posts to no more than 5 times per week. Over-posting will add to the “clutter” that the newly designed newsfeeds are aiming to eliminate.
  • Photos and video content are more engaging and more often shared, use that to your advantage when posting.
  • Develop a strategy that works for your brand and keep it consistent to keep followers coming back for more.

Once Facebook unveils the full scope of the variety of newsfeeds, think of how your insurance agency can create a social media strategy around it. You will want to be present on as many feeds as possible while still being relevant.

We’ll keep you posted on the changes as they continue to develop and remember, when in doubt, ask your followers what they want!

About the Author
Theresa Navarra is a Marketing Coordinator at Astonish. Her passion and flare for the written word has allowed her to launch her career into the world of inbound marketing – from all things social media, blogging, digital marketing, SEO and content curation. Theresa is constantly striving to learn the next big thing and considers herself a forever student. The best part of her job allows her to share innovative ideas with individuals and businesses for marketing tactics. When she’s not enthralled in all things marketing, you can find Theresa captivated by a good book, pair of shoes or conversation.

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