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A Better Way for Agencies to Blog with Keywords: Ubersuggest

Posted on May 6, 2013

blogging keyword strategyIf you’re privy to the changes Google’s Penguin update brought to online best practices as we know it, you know that stuffing your blog posts with product-specific keywords (such as “Ohio auto insurance”) is no longer a best practice, unless the topic is highly relevant to the keywords you’re using (such as “Ohio’s Office of Insurance Changes State Limits for Auto Insurance”).

What you may not know is that keywords are still a very important part of your blogging strategy. And there are ways to use keywords to supercharge your blogging efforts to reach broader audiences online. One of the tactics is the use of non-product related keywords in blogging.

What do I mean by that? Here’s the breakdown of one way to do this effectively:

1. You can search for blog topics using tools like Ubersuggest, which scrapes popular searches via Google’s auto suggest feature.

2. All you need to do is go to the site and type in a topic you want to write about. For example, say you want to write about spring cleaning. Type the words “spring cleaning” in the query box at the top. You’ll have to fill out the captcha field as well (this just tells the site that you’re a person, not a spam bot).

3. Scroll down and you’ll see several types of popular searches people make regarding “spring cleaning.” Click on any of the options and it will show you more search phrases.

4. You can use this tactic to discover ways to write about spring cleaning that you maybe hadn’t thought of before. For example, there’s one search called “spring cleaning hazards.” Have you ever thought about writing about the safety hazards involving spring cleaning? That would make an interesting blog post that you could tie to the importance of home insurance, especially if you hire a friend to do your spring cleaning.

5. Make sure you use the phrase “spring cleaning hazards” in the TITLE of the blog post. Why? Because we’ve found this type of tactic can increase the number of visitors the blog post brings in. For this example the blog title might read: “3 Spring Cleaning Hazards You Need to Watch Out For.”

Tactics like these can help you incorporate traffic-generating blog posts into your strategy to help boost your insurance agency’s online presence.

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