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The What and Why of Google Plus Authorship

Posted on Jun 14, 2013

By Shawna Arnold

google plus logo for businessesThere is a lot of buzz in the Internet marketing industry about Google Plus (Google+) Authorship and its direction for the future. It is believed that eventually, Google+ Authorship will play a part in the search algorithm (ranking system), eventually affecting rankings and search visibility for businesses, including insurance agencies. However, before you can get started with Google+ Authorship, you MUST have the following not only setup, but regularly maintained:

  1. Google+ personal profile (a professional / safe-for-work profile)
  2. Google+ business page
  3. Google+ Local listing(s)

Without these items, Google+ Authorship won’t be of much help to you. You need to make sure you have a presence for both your agency and your content contributors on Google+ to get started.

What is Google+ Authorship?

Google+ Authorship is a system that connects your Google+ personal (professional) profile with the content you produce (onsite blog posts, guest blog posts, professional articles, etc.). This system also works to connect your interactions on Google+ with your profile (your circles, what content you +1, share, etc.). Google+ Authorship allows you to associate your identity with your content – put a face to your name and words.

Google’s goal with Google Author is to showcase those that are creating high quality, unique, and engaging content in the search results. Google’s intent has always been the same, to provide users with the most relevant and quality results for their search queries as possible. Google+ Authorship helps support this intent.

What are the benefits to using Google+ Authorship?

  • Establishes you (and your agency / brand) as a trusted source of high quality, unique, and engaging content.
  • Fosters growth of your Google + personal (professional) profile and presence (clout).
  • Supports your agency’s branding efforts by establishing your content contributors as experts and providers of great content (to the public AND to Google).
  • May affect your search results rankings and visibility in the future (AuthorRank).

Google+ Authorship is a great next step after you’ve established a Google+ presence for your agency and your regular content contributors. Next month, we’ll dive into the details surrounding AuthorRank, an anticipated search algorithm updated involving participation with Google+ and Google+ Authorship.

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