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3 Social Media Personalities to Avoid

Posted on Jun 21, 2013

businessman sitting in a corner wearing a dunce hatIt takes time to get situated with your social media strategies as an independent insurance agency. There are so many ways you can showcase your individual culture and mission, it may seem tricky to pinpoint exactly what your overall branding is. While you discover what your social media personality actually is, you should know there are some traits in existence that you should avoid adopting. In fact, there are 3 “personalities” specifically you should make a point to avoid at all costs!

1. The Social Media Beggar
Please sir, may I have another “Like?” This social media personality is all over so many social networks – asking for “Likes” on Facebook, sending you Direct Messages on Twitter to follow them – they’re all over the place! The Beggar also has a knack for constantly and inappropriately soliciting business through their social accounts. Don’t give in to this obvious and easiest form of social media networking. If you have truly great content and posts, you won’t need to use this method. Engagement of your social sites will then follow. Don’t rely on the power of “the ask” as your sole way of gaining followers and fellow social influencers.

2. The Long-Winded Lady
This gal just never shuts up. She talks and talks and talks and very rarely listens. You’ll know her right away because she’s on her social networks 24/7 and with all that time you’d think she would be looking to initiate some conversation or interact with her fellow social media users. However, you’ll soon find out, it’s all about her. She may have a poignant post once in a while that may obligate you to comment on it, but the chances of her acknowledging you and responding to you are extremely slim.

3. Mr. Inappropriate
Here’s a guy who has no filter and no common sense when it comes to the types of posts he creates. Mr. Inappropriate doesn’t handle tragic or catastrophic events well and sees them as a way to exploit what’s happening for his benefit. Take for example the company, Kenneth Cole, which during the recent revolution in Egypt within the past year saw it as a way to do some self-promoting with the following Tweet:

“Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available.”

Looking for a word to describe what Kenneth Cole did here? Yup, that word would be “inappropriate.” Learn from Mr. Inappropriate’s mistakes and realize not everything is worthy of a post. You don’t have to comment on everything and if you decide to, do so tactfully.

There will be other social media personalities you’ll find out that also won’t help with your agency’s social strategy, so keep your eyes open. There’s a right fit for you out there, just go out and discover what that is and make sure to avoid “people” like these three along the way!

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