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Insurance Marketing Tips: PRs that Get Traction

Posted on Jul 3, 2013

american flags on route 66Since your goal is to not only write an interesting press release that captures the attention of news organizations across the country, but also capture the interest of readers, the key is to focus on news or topics that are highly relevant to the audience you’re hoping to attract.

We’ve found the following topics generate real interest and traction for insurance agencies. Typically, these press releases fall into three distinct categories:

1. Agency news or updates – such as new promotions, awards or recognition, or the promotion of a useful resource your agency has created for clients such as a new homeowners guide or life insurance calculator.

2. Seasonal topics – July 4th is tomorrow. That would be a great opportunity to talk about how to avoid claims to homeowners insurance via safe fireworks tips. June was National Safety Month, which presented a clever way to talk about the importance of being safe at home, on the job, on the road and ways to transfer to cost of risk to the proper insurance policy.

3. Local news-related topics – Did a recent storm pass through leaving some local drivers or homeowners with damage to deal with? Use the opportunity to create a press release about how a comprehensive auto or home insurance policy can protect local residents. Use the recent news as the news “hook” for the press release.

Interested in getting started but don’t know how? You have options. You can write a press release and find a reputable PR vendor to distribute it through. We do not recommend the free PR distribution sites because the possibility of them distributing your press release to spammy sites (i.e. sites created for the sole purpose of creating links) is too great. The results of such action could significantly hurt your insurance website’s online presence, instead of helping it.

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