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AuthorRank: Anticipated Google+ Authorship Algorithm Update

Posted on Jul 9, 2013

By Shawna Arnold

Last month, we introduced the concept of Google+ Authorship and how/why you can put it into play for your agency. This month, we’ll outline an anticipated Google algorithm (ranking system) update that involves participation in Google+ Authorship: AuthorRank.

As of now, the details behind AuthorRank are speculations. This algorithm update has not been rolled out as of yet, but there are plenty of signs it’s coming. The idea behind AuthorRank is that your reputation as a content creator online will influence the way search results are ranked. Google has filed a patent for AuthorRank that references individuals being ranked by using the reception of the content they create and their interactions with other content and content creators.

AuthorRank Factors

So how does one make their content receptive to an audience? How can you show your interaction with other content and content creators? It’s speculated that these will be signals for AuthorRank*:

  • Average number of +1s and Google+ shares your content receives
  • The numbers of Google+ circles an author is in
  • Connections to high AuthorRank authors
  • Quality and quantity of sites your content is published
  • Google+ engagement
  • Social engagement: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Being published on Google Books and Google Scholar

In order to get ahead of the game with AuthorRank, you need to be prepared to get your Google+ Authorship up and running, to be a regular producer of content, and to interact / engage in the content community.

We recommend getting a handle on Google+ first and foremost. Make sure that you have your Google+ Local listings up and running for any of your office locations. Then, get a Google+ business page (social) going for your agency. Once you’ve completed your local listings and have a consistent presence on Google+, then Authorship is a great next step.


*Image and ranking factors courtesy of Moz.

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