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Boost your SEO: The Takeaway for the Local Insurance Agent

Posted on Oct 10, 2013

By Hannah Beacham

holding puzzle in skyThis past week several Astonish Employee’s attended an industry event specializing in boosting your website’s SEO by concentrating on creating and organizing quality content. The speaker laid out 6 major problems small businesses face when it comes to content and ideas on how to overcome these problems to better your content, website, and brand for your insurance agency.

6 Challenges and Solutions

1. I don’t know what to talk about

Solution: Topic inspiration can be one of the hardest parts of a content strategy. It is important to keep content informative, interesting, and directed towards your audience. Before creating any content be sure you can answer this question:

Answering this simple question could begin a brainstorm of many topic ideas. Some other great resources are Quora and HARO where you can see what questions people are asking relating to your industry, you can then answer these questions in a blog post.

2. I keep talking about the same thing

Solution: Think outside the “Content Box,” try to think of alternative forms of content, attend an industry event and write a summary, try to get interviewed, teach about your industry and share agency wins, guest post on other sites and comment on insurance blogs, or speak at an event.

3. I don’t have time/resources

Solution: We are all very busy and taking the time to research and draft compelling content can seem daunting. Take advantage of scheduling tools built into social media and blog programs. Try using an editorial calendar to keep things organized and incorporate social media into the agency culture.

4. Can my content be overly optimized?

Solution: Sometimes our best intentions can hurt us. Don’t overdo it! Definitely include Keywords into your blog titles but please don’t do this!

For Keyword inspiration head to Ubersuggest, and read our guide on how to utilize it for your agency here.

5. My content doesn’t connect with people

Solution: Ask yourself: What would make you interact? One of the best ways to garner attention and get people interacting with content is to get involved. Post on other blogs with informative information, answer questions, and guest post about the insurance industry. See what content is getting the most attention and use that information to create your own unique posts.

6. No Obvious Purpose or Goal

Solution: Why are you writing this post, and who are you writing it for? Make sure that you are posting relevant information about your business, the industry, and the community. Each time you sit down to write a blog determine your audience and the goal of the content.

Content is key when it comes to SEO, use these tips to overcome those 6 common challenges. Remember great content will garner attention and traffic to your website; keep your finger on the pulse and your eyes on what’s happening in the insurance industry.

About the Author
Hannah Beacham is an Inbound Marketing Assistant at Astonish. Fanatical about helping small businesses reach their full marketing potential, she utilizes marketing best practices to implement effective strategies on the web. Hannah is involved in a wide array of inbound marketing activities – from social media all the way to SEO. After a long day of decoding the complexities of the world of inbound marketing, Hannah likes to unwind by taking her creative energy to the next level – cooking, baking, decorating, shopping, and of course, crafting.


  1. Very informative insurance article!.. I think one of the most difficult thing about having an insurance blog is finding the time to write the content. The industry is very particular in working and laws/etc making it much harder to hire an outside company to do the work for you..

  2. I’m so glad you found the article informative. I hope you can use some of these tips and find some time to start blogging!

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