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5 Easy to Find Metrics in Google Analytics

Posted on Nov 27, 2013

By Shawna Arnold

Using a tracking system on your insurance agency’s website is crucial to growing in your inbound marketing efforts. Whether you’re using a free or paid tool, tracking your website is a great way to show you the who, what, when, where, and why of your traffic and visitors.

I recommend Google Analytics to all agencies that I work with. I find that most business owners with websites are using Google Analytics already, whether they or their website provider set it up. If you’re not using Google Analytics, learn more here. The best part about Google Analytics? It’s free!

For those of you using Google Analytics to track your websites (or will be after reading this post!), let’s take a look at five metrics within the platform that are not only easy to find, but can also tell you a lot about your visitors. Remember, with each visit to your website comes the opportunity to sell someone on why working with your agency is what they need, whether the visitor is a prospect or an existing client.

In Google Analytics, you have five sections under what is called “Standard Reports.” Within these sections is where you’ll find any metrics you need regarding your website:

GA Post 1

Five easy metrics to find within these sections are:

  1. Organic Traffic
    The organic traffic tab can be found here:
    GA Post 2
    The organic traffic area will show you some of the keywords you’re getting traffic for. Remember, Google no longer provides this data for all searches. You can take an even deeper dive by adding what are called “secondary dimensions” to see what areas and devices your visitors are coming from or what pages they landed on. Overall, the organic traffic overview should provide you with some insight as to how search visitors are getting to you.
  2. Referral Traffic
    The referral traffic tab can be found here:
    GA Post 3
    The referral traffic area will show you all of the websites (outside of your own) that brought in visitors. This is where you’ll find out if sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, carriers, press release distributors, and more are bringing visitors to your website. This can be helpful in determining how effective your social media posting is in getting visitors to and traction on your website.
  3. Landing Pages (traffic)
    The landing page tab can be found here:
    GA Post 4
    The landing pages area will show you all of the landing pages on your website that are receiving traffic. More often than not, you’ll find that your homepage will receive the most traffic, but this breakdown will give you a look into what insurance product pages and service pages are also bringing in traffic.
  4. Devices
    The devices tab can be found here:
    GA Post 5
    From a mobile perspective, this area will show you which devices are bringing your website traffic (e.g. iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies, etc.). Mobile web browsing is here to stay. Make sure you have either a responsive website or a mobile version of your website to encourage more mobile users to stay on and interact with your website.
  5. Location
    The location tab can be found here:
    GA Post 6
    Within the location tab, you can see what locations across the globe are bringing visitors to your website. You can look as broad as country and as deep as city / town. You can use this data to determine any community related blogging you plan on doing as well as seeing where your clients and prospects are coming from.
  6. Are you using Google Analytics for your insurance agency website? What are the key metrics you’re using in your inbound marketing strategy? Leave feedback in the comments and we’ll see if there are other Google Analytics topics we can elaborate on from there!

    About the Author
    Shawna Arnold is an Inbound Marketing Manager at Astonish, specializing in SEO and content marketing. She has been with Astonish for five years, allowing her to work closely with a variety of insurance agencies all over the country. She has a passion for SEO, content, social media, and all things inbound marketing. She thrives on educating small businesses and individuals on inbound marketing through blogging, eBooks, white papers, and more.


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