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Examples of Social Media Branding For Your Agency

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

By Coburn Childs

Have you ever seen examples of social media branding that you want to emulate? Did you know that 83% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business? However, growing companies face a road block when it comes to building their business through social media. Specifically, many managers find it difficult to maintain a consistent branding strategy that resonates with consumers across multiple social media platforms. Why is this? Unfortunately, the reason is often because a specific “brand” hasn’t been established for the business in the first place, thus making it much harder to get the company’s message and standpoint across to an ever-increasing network of users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. However, with just a little bit of strategy and effort, your business can learn from some of these examples of social media branding and move on to bigger and better things.

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Establish Your Brand

The first step that your business should take, even before diving into social media,  is establishing a vision for how you want to be perceived: Your brand. Branding is essential when it comes to marketing your business, as it is how your consumers will recognize you and understand what your company values, promotes, stands for, creates, and is generally “all about.” Your brand does not have to be limited to one specific item. For example, a company like Apple has branded itself as helpful, essential, friendly, easy-to-use, diverse, and innovative world-changers. These are just a few key traits that company has adopted as part of its brand, and look how well it has worked for them!

Grow Your Influence

Once the brand of your business has been established, it is important to recognize which social media networks you should be engaging with. Facebook and Twitter are just two examples of social media outlets, but there are many others. For instance, Vine or Instagram can be a great way to share pictures and videos of community events and local service and engagement, if that is how your company is positioning itself. Or maybe you can utilize LinkedIn to recruit top talent, if you want to be seen as professionals. Whatever your focus, have a strategy to it, and be sure to grow your influence by involving your business in more than just one social network.

Stay Consistent

A brand will do nothing for your business if you do not adhere to it. Consistency is key, as your market is more likely to engage with you if you have a determined focus on a specific form of branding. If your company wants to be seen as fair and non-partisan, it may be a good idea to avoid tweeting or posting politically slanted or religiously skewed posts. Similarly, if your business is all about professionalism, you may want to stick to posting and tweeting engaging posts that professionals will find helpful and engaging.

You simply have to sign onto Twitter or Facebook to recognize that examples of social media branding are numerous. What sort of brand will your business be promoting, and how can you grow it? With some strategy, consistency, and the right engagement, branding can take you far!

About the Author
Coburn Childs is a creative mind and young professional based in Providence, RI. In recent years, he’s blogged on a number of topics, from the insurance industry to Hollywood’s box office trends, from communication theories to religious topics, from food to movies, and everything in between. He’s also a self-described social media nut! Currently, he works as an Inbound Marketing Specialist for Astonish.

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