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Social Media & SEO: Integrate The Two For Insurance Marketing

Posted on Feb 18, 2014

By Theresa Navarra

Any good marketer knows that when it comes to being seen and heard online, you have to be sure that you are utilizing best practices for Social media and SEO keyboardinbound marketing, SEO strategy, and social media. This starts and ends with three letters: S-E-O.

In short, search engine optimization is the major driving force that determines a brand’s ranking in search engines. How will a consumer find you when performing a Google search? SEO best practices can determine that. With that in mind, surely you have spent a great deal of time optimizing your content and strategy with SEO best practices in mind – but have you ever thought about how to integrate that strategy with social media?

Social media and SEO strategy are often spoken about as separate entities. Although both exist alongside one another: That is not to say that they exist without each other. Social media impacts search engine results. We have heard it time and time again – Google has told us that engagement plays a huge role in our search engine rankings and we can see that the more engaged someone is on a social network, the higher their posts rank on our newsfeeds. So as a marketer, how can you use this information to your advantage?

Get Out There And BE SOCIAL

You already know that in order to engage with your audience you have to be social.

  • The modern consumer is looking for instantaneous and personalized information.
  • The modern consumer is looking for new information all the time.
  • The modern consumer is constantly searching the Internet for the information he seeks.

Are you catering your business’s informational channels to the modern consumer? If you are not, then it will not be long before you are out of business.

You have to stay relevant in order to survive. Fortunately, if you have been following along with SEO strategy and best practices, there is a great deal you can do now – -while getting social – to optimize your engagement and benefit you marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that social media and SEO serve two different purposes:

  1. SEO is about increasing rankings in search engines and bringing in good quality traffic to your site
  2. Social media is about branding and engagement with customers

How can you blend the two strategies to form one cohesive strategy that does both?

SEO + Social Media = Quality Engagement

While there is no fool-proof strategy out there, you can take your existing best practices for both purposes and mold them into one integrated strategy that works for your business. You have to keep both of your goals in mind and formulate a way to reach both goals seamlessly.

Start by thinking of how you can add social media marketing to your SEO strategy to bring a change in your traffic:

  • What can you post about on your blog that is new and engaging? Share that on your social networks as well.
  • What sites is the modern consumer visiting for content? Can you curate a content strategy from there for your social media strategy and then base your SEO strategy for new content off of that?
  • Are you working hard to upkeep your presence on both your site and your social networks? Engagement is integral to both pieces of the puzzle.

Once you have thought of ways to integrate the two, think about your approach to building links within this strategy. This is a key piece of your SEO and social media strategy and the effectiveness of your overall strategy can easily be measured here.

  • A presence in social media can lead to increased exposure as your followers promote your brand with back links
  • You can use traditional methods of link building with promoted social media posts
  • High quality content you create can be shared on your social media networks, and thus run an increased chance of being shared

Once your links begin to increase, you’ll start to realize that your marketing strategy is succeeding faster than ever before. Who knew you could do this simply by integrating your social media strategy with SEO?

Get started on your plan today so you can begin reaping the benefits of both – when it comes to the modern consumer, it’s all about staying ahead of the curve. Tomorrow is too late, start today!

About The Author
Theresa Navarra is a Marketing Coordinator at Astonish. Her passion and flare for the written word has allowed her to launch her career into the world of inbound marketing – from all things social media, blogging, digital marketing, SEO and content curation. Theresa is constantly striving to learn the next big thing and considers herself a forever student. The best part of her job allows her to share innovative ideas with individuals and businesses for marketing tactics. When she’s not enthralled in all things marketing, you can find Theresa captivated by a good book, pair of shoes or conversation.



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