Insurance Marketing HQ

E-Agent Summit

What Is It?

The E-Agent Summit™ will get you energized and inspired to create a world-class sales culture in your insurance agency. Learn how to lead and implement change that will bring excitement and sales to all your agents. Hear from the top leaders in digital marketing and learn how to effectively leverage email marketing and social media strategies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to make more money and have more fun.

Most importantly, you will fall back in love with your business!

Why Attend?

  • Learn social media and digital marketing strategies from leaders of the industry.
  • Learn implementation strategies for bringing social media and digital marketing into your agency and for creating a world-class sales culture.
  • Learn from the fastest growing E-Agencies in the nation and how they were able to accomplish such growth.
  • Not clear on how to use social media? Take our Basics of Social Media class and graduate onto our Advanced Social Media class all in one day!

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives and managers of insurance agencies
    • Leadership training
    • Sales management training
    • Social media strategies and implementation
  • Executives of insurance companies
    • Find out more about Astonish and how they can help your company motivate and inspire your agents to become the fastest growing agencies in their territory!
  • Marketing representatives of insurance companies
    • Take the Executive and Managers Training Series and learn how you can help your agents grow their book of business.
  • Producers
    • Find out how you can use social media to boost your sales.
  • Social media engineers
    • Network with other social media engineers and share success stories.
    • Take our Social Media Training series and learn advanced strategies of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Flickr, and much more!


“I thought the E-Agent Summit was absolutely amazing, full of energy, and very inspirational. I came away from the conference so pumped up with enthusiasm and full of great ideas on how to increase sales in my agency. I never wanted it to end!”

James T. Armitage